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Multiple Disciplinary Team for Glioma

1. Introduction

Prof. Lin, Qingtang, and Prof. Xu, Jiankun established a multiple disciplinary team (MDT) focusing on individual treatment for glioma patients. This MDT consists of experts in neurosurgery, neurology, radiology, pathology, and radiotherapy. We regularly discuss intractable glioma cases and other complex nervous system tumors. It provides glioma patients with a precise diagnosis and a better treatment plan. Our MDT has successfully managed many complex glioma cases, and it has evolved into a platform for professional academic exchange.

2. Team Members

Neurosurgeons: Prof. Xu, Geng; Prof. Lin, Qingtang; Dr. Wei, Yukui; Dr. Cheng, Ye; Dr. Xu, Lixin; Dr. Zhou, Yiqiang. 

Neuropathologists: Prof. Lu, Dehong; Prof. Piao, Yueshan; Prof. Wang, Leiming.

Neurologists: Prof. Li, Cunjiang.

Radiologists: Prof. Zhao, Zhilian; Prof. Zheng, Shasha

Radiotherapists: Prof. Xu, Jiankun; Dr. Gao, Ying; Dr. Zhao, Yongrui


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