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Xu, Geng M.D.

Xu, Geng  M.D.

Deputy Director, Skull Base and Brain Tumor Center

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery

Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon

Skull Base and Brain Tumor Center

Clinical Expertise: Cavernous Malformation,Glioma,Meningioma


Expertise: CNS tumors (ESPECIALLY in Function area glioma, Insular glioma, Callosal glioma, Meningioma, Intraventricular tumor, Intracranial cavernous malformation)

Research Interest: The basis and clinic of glioma


Dr. Geng Xu is a chief surgeon in department of neurosurgery at the Xuanwu Hospital. He is also a professor at the Capital Medical University.

Dr. Geng graduated from Bathuen medical University with Bachelor of Medicine and graduated from Capital Medical University with Master of Medicine.

Dr. Geng Xu studies the treatment of CNS tumors and especially good at the surgical treatment of function area gliomas, insula gliomas and callosal gliomas. He has advanced training from Cleveland Hospital. Dr. Geng, in his capacity as chairman, also hosts white matter fiber anatomy classes every year.

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