Yan, Lin M.D.

Yan, Lin  M.D.

Resident Neurosurgeon

Clinical Expertise: Ischemic Stroke


Research Interests 

Ischemic stroke; Cerebral vascular intervention; Moyamoya disease; Epigenetics; Women's Health;


Dr. Lin Yan is a neurosurgeon at Xuanwu Hospital, China International Neuroscience Institute (China-INI), Beijing, China. She is also an academic assistant of China Women in Neurosurgery Alliance.

Dr. Yan graduated from The Central South University with degrees in clinical medicine and surgery. She received her medical training at the Hsiang-Ya Medical College (also known as Xiang Ya Medical College, whose predecessor is Yale-China Association) of Physicians and Surgeons and did her residency at Xiang Ya Hospital at Hunan province and Xuanwu Hospital at Beijing. Dr. Lin Yan pursued her 2-year exchange scholar at The Methodist Hospital in Houston Medical Center. Dr. Yan studies ways to use OCT imaging to detect intracranial vascular disease and epigenetic regulation in cerebral ischemic disease. She has advanced scientific training from Houston Methodist Hospital and attends in the Epigenetics and inflammatory Lab at The Methodist Hospital. In terms of research, she uses OCT as a tool to study cerebral and vascular endothelial function.


2009—2018 M.D. Clinical Medcine, Hsiang-Ya Medical College of the Central South University

2015—2017 M.D. Joint doctoral-student education, The Methodist Hospital


2018—now Residency of Neurosurgery, China-INI


2014 Xiangya Hospital/ The Central South University (Surgery)

2016 Visiting Scholar in The Methodist Hospital (Surgery)


2018 Physician’s practice license

2021 Certificate of resident standardized training of Surgery (Neurosurgery) Phase I

Awards & Honors 

Excellent project of Innovation and entrepreneurship of college students, The Central South University (2015)

Excellent in Oral Presentation at the 2017 Xiang Ya Student Symposium of Houston Methodist Research Institute (2017)

Completion of training in The Neural Control of Organ Disease and Regeneration Course of Houston Methodist Research Institute (2017)

Li Ji Resident scholarship award at Xuanwu Hospital (2018)

Professional Memberships 

China Women in Neurosurgery Alliance

Research & Publications 

1. Yan L, Dmytriw A A, Yang B, et al. Optical Coherence Tomography of Plaque Erosion and Thrombus in Severe Vertebral Artery Stenosis [J]. Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland), 2021, 11(4):

2. Sen Z#, Dongyu Z#, Lin Y#,, et al. BMI1 regulates androgen receptor in prostate cancer independently of the polycomb repressive complex 1 [J]. Nature communications, 2018, 9(1): 10.1038/s41467-41018-02863-41463.

3. Qipeng L, Guangyu W, Qiaqia L, et al. Polycomb group proteins EZH2 and EED directly regulate androgen receptor in advanced prostate cancer [J]. International journal of cancer, 2019, 145(2): 10.1002/ijc.32118-32426.

4. Qipeng Liu, Guangyu Wang, Qiaqia Li, Weihua Jiang, Jung-Sun Kim, Rui Wang, Sen Zhu, Xiaoju Wang, Lin Yan, Yang Yi, Lili Zhang, Qingshu 5. Katharine J. Drummond a,b,⇑, Eliana E. Kim c, Esther Apuahe d, Aneela Darbar e, Shweta Kedia f, Meng-Fai Kuo g, Elizabeth Lewis h, Lynne Lourdes N. Lucena i, Wirginia Maixner j, Su Myat Mo k, Sarah Olson l, Woralux Phusoongnern m, Resha Shrestha n, Lin Yan o, Gail Rosseau p. Progress in neurosurgery: Contributions of women neurosurgeons in Asia and Australasia [J]. J Clin Neurosci, 2021

Clinical Trials 

Distal Embolic Protections on Cerebral Microembolization in Carotid Artery Stenting of High-risk Patient. (Ongoing, NCT04904250).

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