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Chen, Jian M.D.

Chen, Jian  M.D.

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Cerebral Revascularization Center

Clinical Expertise: Ischemic Stroke


Research Interests

Endovascular treatment for acute ischemic stroke; Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis; Idiopathic intracranial hypertension; Hypothermic  neuroprotection 


Dr. Jian Chen is a neurosurgeon at the Xuanwu hospital, Capital Medical University in Beijing, China. 

Dr. Chen graduated from PLA general hospital (known as 301 hospital) with MD in neurosurgery. He received her medical training at the PLA general hospital. Dr. Chen received post doctoral training in the field of neurosurgery Xuanwu hospital, Capital Medical University in Beijing.

Dr. Chen is majored in using surgical operation and endovascular technique to treat ischemic neurovascular disease. In terms of research, he is  interested in the field of neuroprotection, especially hypothermia for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.


MD, PLA general hospital (2004)


the 254th hospital of PLA, Tianjin city, China. (2000)


the 254th hospital of PLA, Tianjin city, China. (2005)

Board Certification

China Board of surgery (2010)

Research & Publications

1. Chen J,Liu L,Zhang H et al. Endovascular Hypothermia in Acute Ischemic Stroke Pilot Study of Selective Intra-Arterial Cold Saline Infusion,Stroke, 2016, 47:1933~1935

2. Chen J, Fredrickson V, Ding Y, et al. The effect of a microcatheter-based selective intra-arterial hypothermia on hemodynamic changes following transient cerebral ischemia. Neurol Res, 2015, 37:263-268.

3. Chen J, Fredrickson V, Ding Y, et al. Enhanced Neuroprotection by Local Intra-Arterial Infusion of Human Albumin Solution and Local Hypothermia. Stroke. 2013, 44: 260-262.

4. Wu D, Chen J, et al. Selective  intr-arterial brain cooling improves long term outcomes in a non-numan primate of embolic stroke: efficacy depending on reperfusion status. JCBFM, 2020,40:1415-1426


Chinese Stroke Association

Society of Cerebral venous disease

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