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Skull Base and Brain Tumor Center: Neuro-Ophthalmology

1. Introduction

Prof. Xiao Xinru has established a multiple disciplinary team (MDT) of optic nerve and optic pathway diseases, focusing on visual protection as the central task. This MDT mainly focuses on following diseases and conditions:

Trauma-related visual impairment: these conditions are often treated with endoscopic or microsurgical optic canal decompression and orbital fracture reconstruction.

Orbital tumors: meningioma, schwannoma, cavernous malformation, vascular malformation, orbital metastatic carcinoma and bone neoplasms.

Cranio-orbital tumors: meningioma, schwannoma, bone neoplasms and soft tissue neoplasms.

Intracranial optic pathway tumors: Tuberculum sella meningioma, anterior clinoidal meningioma (involving optic nerve and/or optic chiasm), optic pathway glioma (involving optic nerve and/or optic chiasm and/or optic tract), tumors in the trigone of the lateral ventricle (involving optic radiation), occipital visual center tumor and tumors in the posterior part of the third ventricle and the midbrain tegmentum (involving visual center).

Congenital and secondary diseases: congenital orbital deformity, complex strabismus orthopia and protruding eye caused by hyperthyroidism. 

2. Team Members

Neurosurgeon: Prof. Xiao, Xinru, Prof. Bai, Jie

Ophthalmologist: Prof. Zhang, Xuxiang


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